At INDUSTRIE24 we understand that safety and reliability are essential when managing your electrical systems. That is why we offer high-quality inspection services that meet the strictest standards and guidelines, including the NEN3140 and NEN3140 inspector certifications.

Our experienced and well-trained inspectors are ready to thoroughly inspect your control cabinets and electronic components. Whether it's preventive checks, periodic inspections or solving specific problems, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you.


INDUSTRIE24 has developed the perfect solution to effortlessly manage the inventory of industrial control cabinets.

With our advanced Excel-VBA program you can easily map and inventory industrial components. The program offers numerous benefits, such as identifying current and phased-out components, determining the quantity of components and tracking brand information.

Having this data enables us at Industrie24 to take care of your stock management and provide expert advice on retrofit projects.